Revised Hard Cover Edition "You Are The Common Denominator In Your Life"

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Newly Revised and published in hard cover."You Are The Common Denominator In Your Life" written by John Calabrese.  This book explores 20 concepts that can add value to your life. It is 126 pages of material delivered in a concise common sense manner.

John Calabrese is a seasoned and experienced speaker and teacher addressing topics such as communication, leadership, mindset and how self-development is a determining factor in one's life. John brings over three decades of martial arts study and teaching into his topics. His dedication to becoming an 8th degree black belt and master level teacher has allowed John to reach many of the goals in his own life and share this experience through his book: You Are The Common Denominator In Your Life. John is able to connect with the reader in a very unique way which keeps them interested and learning something very new about familiar topics.